About the Cochinuki blog

What is a Cochinuki?

A cochinuki is a very rare species of which there are only two in the whole world. And you are fortunate enough to be reading their blog. The etymology of the word cochinuki is largely unknown, but it has been suggested that it comes from the root word “cochinilla/o” meaning “little piggy” or “piglet” in Spanish. The “uki” is believed to be a hybridized form of diminutive suffix of Basque influence.

Why Cochinuki?

The nickname cochinuki was first applied to Ms Cochinuki. After which it became incorporated as a familial name for the two members of the household and an honorary feline member, although she prefers to go by “Beasty” or “the Beasty” depending on the wind.

Why a blog about Cochinuki’s?

After the world’s only two cochinuki’s had the greatest fortune to meet and fall in love (you can read about that here) they started a very happy life together. Because it was such good fortune indeed that two cochinukis, born almost 10 000 km apart and to entirely different cultures, found each other (about a 1 in 8 billion chance!), they decided to get married.

Recently they decided to write about their experiences of planning a mostly-DIY-wedding and about practical everyday stuff that they enjoy doing, or just like. They hope that sharing their experiences will help other people who’ve fallen in love to organize their own celebrations of love, or that someone will just be pleased to hear their experiences, successes and failures, and advice on the DIY and home projects they do… and other stuff….

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